10 Best TikTok Promotion Services In 2022 For Viral Videos

10 Best TikTok Promotion Services In 2022 For Viral Videos

The number of users on TikTok has increased significantly over the past few years, opening up a new market for social media influencers and users. As a result, many people have resorted to TikTok to take advantage of the platform’s current popularity spike and establish themselves.

Due to the increased competition, consumers have discovered that TikTok’s growth has not been as quick as they had hoped. Following this, numerous social media promotion services wasted little time launching their services for TikTok, expecting to lure consumers into buying TikTok views, followers, and comments.

However, not all TikTok promotion services are here to help you. Many are only interested in making a quick buck by duping you. These TikTok promotion services would merely offer you false followers and engagements, doing no good for your ambition of making it big on TikTok.

Therefore, in order to help you grow rapidly and significantly on the platform, we have put together a list of the best 10 TikTok promotion services for 2022.

Top 10 TikTok Promotion Services In 2022

If you want to make the most of TikTok, here are the top TikTok promotion services in 2022 for you:

  1. AutoLikes TikTok

AutoLikes TikTok

Let’s start off with the best, shall we?

Remember how we warned you about using fake TikTok advertising services? AutoLikes TikTok isn’t one of them, far from it.

AutoLikes TikTok is one of the best, fastest, and most reliable TikTok promotion services you can find on the market. You can buy Tik Tok views, followers, and likes from AutoLikes TikTok in order to climb the platform’s ranks faster.

With over 150 dedicated staff members and over 1500 satisfied consumers, AutoLikesTikTok is on its way to becoming the industry’s leading Tik Tok service provider. What makes it different from its competitors is the genuine care with which they handle all orders.

There are various reasons why you should utilize AutoLikes TikTok services to boost your TikTok profile. Following are a few of the most significant benefits you will receive.

  • Organic Support AutoLikesTikTok supplies you with genuine elite-level profiles that resonate with actual people and assist you in boosting your profile.
  • Excellent User Interface An easy-to-use dashboard with numerous features and a clever user interface allows you to access all amenities from one location.
  • Delivery In A Flash They begin processing your request as soon as you make your purchase. AutoLikes TikTok will handle your order within the stated delivery period.
  • Safe And Secure There is no need for a password. All you need to do is login and place your order; AutoLikes TikTok will do the rest.
  • 24-hour service AutoLikesTiktok provides customer care 24 hours a day, seven days a week. The crew is always eager to help, and you can reach out at any moment by utilizing the embedded chat system.
Because of this, AutoLikesTikTok is the ideal site for buying TikTok views, followers, or comments and giving your TikTok journey a much-needed boost.

  1. Media Mister

Media Mister is a well-known TikTok promotion brand, but brands on Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, SoundCloud, Facebook, and other social media platforms also enjoy their services.

Since its founding in 2012, it has become one of the top TikTok promotion platforms. Media Mister has established a reputation based on their outstanding service, and they currently have about 50,000 clients from all over the world.

Media Mister is worth a shot if you are thinking of buying Tik Tok views or followers.

  1. Tok Captain

Tok Captain has achieved outstanding TikTok promotional results for many years. Depending on the results you’re hoping to attain, TokCaptain offers various services.

TokCaptain offers genuine and organic TikTok growth, so you don’t have to be concerned about acquiring false followers. Their methods for providing client service are dependable and effective. They will ensure that your account and you receive the proper exposure and growth. They guarantee quick outcomes and genuine TikTok likes with a service that is affordable, secure, and safe.

  1. UseViral

UseViral is a well-known website that people visit when considering the expansion of social media.

UseViral is the best at promoting TikTok and is only used for that purpose. You will receive a variety of follower packs from them. Additionally, also encourage you for purchasing TikTok views and likes packages that can boost your account engagement rates.

Their prices are so low that their bundles easily fit into your budget. Additionally, they offer specially designed programs that let you demographically target your audience. Also, they do not ask for your account passwords. Your login is the only thing necessary for them to deliver your order.

With their excellent TikTok promotion services, UseViral, an industry leader with many years of experience, can, without a doubt, assist you in growing your TikTok audience.

  1. YouGrow

YouGrow is another excellent promotion tool for TikTok brands looking to increase their presence on TikTok. YouGrow is known for linking your account with real TikTok users who are interested in your content.

They divide their promotional efforts into two groups.

They take care of account and content promotion first. Then they focus on TikTok Sound promotion. They cover all the relevant bases in an effort to make your video go viral. They provide a reliable service at reasonable prices. If you want to engage in all-around promotion, You Grow is your finest social media tool.

  1. Storm Likes

Storm Likes is a third-party service focused on assisting TikTok brands in growing. Storm Likes offers social media marketing services across all platforms, including Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Spotify, and TikTok. They offer genuine likes and follows, which raises brand exposure and engagement. Furthermore, if you’re considering buying TikTok views, Storm Likes has packages that will help you. Also, they guarantee prompt delivery and accept responsibility in case the delivery fails. Therefore, if you’re new to TikTok and want to make a great first impression, Storm Likes’ incredible packages can assist you.

  1. Social Viral

Social Viral is a wonderful social media promotion tool for the expansion of TikTok. As its name suggests, this website will help you get the desired social media exposure. It mostly comprises of social media experts who can help you get real followers who could eventually become customers.

The goal of SocialViral, in contrast to many other promotional services, is to grow the number of individuals who follow you and those who engage with your material. If you’re looking forward to buying TikTok views or followers, they offer high-quality followers, likes, and TikTok video auto views.

Additionally, they offer live chat support on their website 24/7. They also claim to have fast deliveries. Apart from that, they charge a reasonable price and have positive reviews.

  1. Slides Media

Sides Media promotion service has a wealth of experience in social media promotion and is a safe haven if you’re thinking to purchase Tik Tok views. The best thing about them is that they specialize in TikTok and provide the best service possible at competitive pricing. They use their internal network to distribute your material to other TikTok users who might find it interesting. Because your followers are people interested in what your brand has to offer, you can also increase engagement and, as a result, sales this way. Slides Media is one of the most dependable TikTok promotion services. Their clients have also given them outstanding reviews and five-star ratings. As a result, they rank as one of the top contenders on our list of top TikTok promotion services.

  1. Tok Upgrade

While there are plenty of fake promotion agencies, there are also some real ones, and TokUpgrade is one of the most notable.

With the help of TokUpgrade, users can grow as much as they want on TikTok and make sure the growth is stable. TokUpgrade can increase traffic to your page and promote your account to large audiences. The best thing about them is that they supply you with users who are both authentic and engaged on this site. They offer TikTok-based services that deliver auto TikTok views, likes, and followers.

They also have a 14-day cancellation refund policy. Additionally, you can cancel or upgrade your plan whenever you desire with effective results.

  1. Followers Up

And last, but not least on our list of top TikTok promotion services is Followers Up. With participation from real TikTok users, Followers Up focuses on assisting brands, companies, and individuals in reaching their target audience.

They are an established organization offering these services for some time. They provide Tik Tok views, followers, comments, and likes. Their customer care is skilled at handling challenging circumstances in the event of an order delay. What distinguishes them from others is that they provide a complete refund in the case that an order fails.

So, those were the top TikTok promotion services of 2022.

How Do You Sustain Your Growth?

How Do You Sustain Your Growth

You will benefit from buying TikTok views and likes from any of the providers mentioned above. But how are you going to keep the momentum rolling?

Buying views on TikTok will only get you so far, and it will eventually go away. You must know how to sustain your growth in order to have a stable and continuous pathway to success.

Don’t worry; we’ve got you covered yet again. The following are a few tips for sustaining the growth gained from TikTok promotional services.

  • Understand Your Target Market On TikTok, both the user base and the content are quite diversified. Focus on a specified target audience instead because not everyone on Tiktok will be able to communicate with you. If you’re just starting, use a survey to determine interest. You should also keep track of how your competitors are getting followers to gain a better understanding of the target market.
  • Follow Recent TrendsIf you want to gain more followers on TikTok, you must stay current with the latest trends. This way, your fans constantly get something new and are encouraged to stick around.
  • Delivery In A Flash They begin processing your request as soon as you make your purchase. AutoLikes TikTok will handle your order within the stated delivery period.
  • Use Hashtags On TikTok, the importance of hashtags cannot be overstated. Hashtags assist in visibility by allowing people to locate your post when looking for other content in the same niche. Provide a slew of hashtags pertinent to your video so that folks interested in that hashtag can stay up to date with your material.
  • Use Trending Music The ability to incorporate music into posts is one feature that differentiates TikTok from other social networking networks. On TikTok, a significant portion of users value posts with engaging music and voice overs. Therefore, including this in your posts will greatly benefit your account.
  • Post At The Best Times The best time to post on TikTok is when your target audience is most active. Some trial and error are required to discover the ideal timing, but it is worthwhile. You can achieve the desired outcomes and aid in the expansion of your profile by researching the optimum time to post on TikTok.
  • Post Frequently Post content frequently and consistently to get more people to notice your profile. Influencers advise beginning artists to publish often, even if their first video does not earn enough likes or views on TikTok.


At the moment, TikTok is among the most well-known social media platforms, and it will probably stay that way for some time. By paying attention to all of the aforementioned points, you may benefit from everything that the platform has to offer. Another way of boosting your TikTok profile is by buying views on TikTok from some promotion service.

Some of the top TikTok promotion services are listed above, and they will produce the best outcomes. You can count on them for genuine user support. You should also be aware that this social media platform, like others, disapproves of manipulative methods for gaining interaction. This is why you should only use the top promotion platforms, like AutoLikes TikTok.

We sincerely hope you found this list useful. Additionally, be sure to check out our space for similar lists and blogs on many fascinating topics.