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We're social media service providers by heart, taking great pride in helping our clients. AutoLikes TikTok customers world-wide are growing their social reach, getting more followers, and gaining a huge audience reach with their dedicated account manager.

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How Did We Start?

After years of struggling to grow Instagram accounts, the founding team grew increasingly frustrated. Why was it that some companies and individuals could have tens or hundreds of thousands of followers, while others struggled to barely get a hundred followers? That’s when we created AutoLikes TikTok.

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Launched 8+ services
Have 150+ employees
1500+ happy customers.

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Looking to become
#1 Tik Tok service provider in the industry.

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Reasons To Choose Us Over Others

Easy to use

User-friendly dashboard with 24X7 assistance.

Team of qualified experts

Highly professional team ready to solve any issue.

Constant growth

The constant process is going on improving and implementing new features.


Safe service delivery, spread over multiple hours, and minimizes the fear of account block.


Customers are our biggest assets, and their online reviews and referrals have helped us create a positive footprint.

AutoLikes- Grow Big, Grow Now!


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Buy Real Tiktok Followers

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Leading from the front ever since TikTok was launched, our proprietary techniques make sure that you will get the most out of your money spent on marketing. Till now, we have -




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Our Mission, Vision, & Purpose

Our Purpose

Bringing quality, safety, and desired exposure for TikTokers.

Our Mission

To exceed our customers’ expectations with innovative and reliable services.

Our Vision

To be the world’s most trusted partner for quality assurance.

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