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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Once you have finished our signup process and finished your instalment, all of your focusing data will be sent straight through to your committed account manager. From here they will tweak settings for TikTok auto liker on our end, enter in your focusing data and you should be fully operational within 24 hours of buying.

    Assuming you have any inquiries all through the onboarding system of auto TikTok Likes or you simply need consolation that your account is active and set to public, if it’s not too much trouble, go ahead and email our 24-hour support group on [email protected]


    Why use for the TikTok Growth service?

    We are a group of enthusiastic social media marketers with long periods of experience consolidated between us. We likewise work intimately with influencers across various ventures to guarantee our service stays significant and we are in front of the market as far as the service we offer.

    We have a team of in-house developers who have planned and fabricated every one of our tools from scratch. Not at all like different organisations, we don’t depend on outsider applications or destinations to increase your TikTok auto view and like. We have full command over how our tools work which gives you the certainty that you are getting the most perfect on the lookout.


    No. We have been running our TikTok Growth service for quite a while and we have never had a solitary customer’s account get prohibited from utilising our service. We have fostered our inward tools to comply with every one of TikTok’s terms of service to guarantee the security of your account.

    You can have a good sense of reassurance realising that each and every likes/views/followers you get while you are utilising our TikTok auto likes will be a genuine individual and dynamic on the TikTok stage. We can’t compel anybody to follow your account so by them effectively deciding to like and follow you, you realise they are genuine and locked in.

    Totally. We are continually trying on our test accounts to guarantee we keep on working inside TikTok’s terms of service. Throughout the long term, we have distinguished precisely how we want to guard your account, and with our group of in-house designers, we are exceptional 100% of the time with the most recent changes in any algorithm updates or account prerequisites.

    Am I occupied with your service?

    No. You can drop your subscription when you need and reactivate it at whatever point you really want. Adaptability first!

    It is a very simple task and one of the greatest features of your Iamat dashboard. You can add as many accounts as you want from your dashboard and manage your accounts professionally. Each account will have its own subscription.

    We begin conveying auto likes TikTok instantly when you complete your request. Probably, you’ll hang tight for a couple of hours. However, almost 100% of the time, you will receive TikTok Likes solely after a couple of moments. We are for all intents and purposes the main provider who can give TikTok Likes this extremely fast. Different providers are affiliates of modest bot accounts. We work with TikTok genuine, true accounts. You can decide to progressively disseminate auto like for TikTok. Likewise, You can choose the speed of services.

    In no way, shape, or form. To get auto like TikTok, all our team needs is your username to educate our organisation regarding genuine users to convey TikTok Likes to your recordings. Simply pause for a minute or two and watch your posts become famous online on TikTok!

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    Split Order

    Manual spread the ordered services across multiple posts


    Drip Feed Services

    Enable drip feed services to get the gradual likes/views in your TikTok posts

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    Delay Before Delivery

    A mechanized delay in delivery to make engagement boost look natural.


    Automatic Sync

    Set your TikTok profile to public, and Auto Likes TikTok will sync it every 5 minutes.


    Active Accounts

    All of the TikTok Likes are from elite genuine profiles that chime with real individuals


    Additional Booster

    Order for single-payment additional engagement under your subscription package.



    Set the initial and final limit of your order, and we will deliver anything that comes on average to minimize skepticism


    Cancel/ Unsubscribe Anytime

    We are sad to see our customer leave us. Though you can cancel the subscription anytime. No commitments!!

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