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    Frequently Asked Questions

    We are a group of experts with many years of experience within social media and online promotion. If there is one thing we are passionate about – it is to help people get attention on social media. Ever since Tik-Tok hit the market – we have established and kept an impeccable relationship with our customers. Auto Likes serves over 1000+ customers daily – allow us to serve you, too!


    Why should I buy TikTok autoviews?

    There can be many reasons for you to purchase TikTok views. But most people have the following reasons

    • To get a renowned TikTok social presence.
    • To get a maximum of ten thousand views for enabling monetization from the platform.

    Auto Likes TikTok strives to serve its best services to hearty clients. Hence we have designed this software in a way that conceals you from any platform violations set by TikTok for using promotional services. We have mechanisms like drip feed, randomizer, split order, and delay in delivery that camouflages any act of sudden engagement.

    So you can rest assured because Auto Likes TikTok is the best place to buy TikTok views instantly

    No. We do not need your passwords for anything. You only need to provide us with your username so that we can access that the order gets delivered to the rightful client. We enable you to have TikTok auto viewer packages without verification.

    Do I have to keep my profile public?

    Yes! Because if you do not keep your account public, the software will not be able to sync your profile, and you can face inconvenience with your order delivery. So it is required for you to have a public profile when you are expecting your order delivery.

    Yes. We offer free Tik Tok likes and views for trial purposes. This is a one-time offer, and we do not need any credit card information from you to proceed with the trial. You just have to provide us with your TikTok username or post URL. We will do the rest!

    The best reason to subscribe to us is to get an effortless delivery of your orders. You do not have to choose and pay for every service manually. With a subscription by your side, you only have to pay once for all of your desired orders. Along with that, you can set the flow of your order delivery once and adjust them as per your convenience. Or else, you can simply buy TikTok views & likes manually if you do not require regular extensive services.

    With Auto Likes TikTok, you get to enjoy some additional perks that make the engagement boost in your posts look so natural. Let us know what are they

    Randomizer: With this feature, your order gets delivered to you in any random number between two specified amounts to minimize suspicion of using any engagement boosting services.

    Split Order: With this one, you get to disperse your one order to more than one post that you choose.

    Delay Before Delivery: With this service, your order gets delivered to you after a certain time interval so that one cannot tell that you have used engagement boosting services.

    Views Before Likes: TikTok is a short video-sharing platform, and getting views before likes look more natural to its nature. Hence we strive to deliver you what is best for you!

    You will need to wait for a maximum of five minutes to expect your delivery. Because the software syncs your profile every five minutes. Make sure to have a public profile so that you get effortless order delivery.

    Yes! You can cancel your account or unsubscribe to us anytime you want! As soon as you do, understand that you are stopping your auto payment also.

    You can unsubscribe or cancel your auto-renewal of your account by raising a ticket or by visiting the Chargebee user portal. Note: The user requires to use the same email address in the Chargebee user portal that they have used to subscribe to our services.
    As per our refund policy, the user can get a refund if they file for it before thirty days are over from the day of order. They can apply for a refund request via mail or raise a ticket.
    You can contact us via email, raising a ticket, or speed post. Just visit our customer support portal to get the required mailing address.

    Why Do We Stand Out?


    Real Users

    Get 100% real users to engage with you. We do not use any sort of phony approach


    Drip Feed Services

    Enable drip feed services to get the gradual likes/views in your TikTok posts

    tik tok auto view

    Delay Before Delivery

    A mechanized delay in delivery to make engagement boost look natural.

    Tiktok Auto Views

    Turn On/Off The Software

    Turn on or off the services of Auto Likes TikTok to get engagement boosts on desired posts.


    Automatic Sync

    Set your TikTok profile to public, and Auto Likes TikTok will sync it every 5 minutes.


    Additional Booster

    Order for single-payment additional engagement under your subscription package.


    Randomize Likes/ Views

    Set the initial and final limit of your order, and we will deliver anything that comes on average to minimize skepticism


    Cancel/ Unsubscribe Anytime

    We are sad to see our customer leave us. Though you can cancel the subscription anytime. No commitments!!

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