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How Does AutoLikes Help You Get Famous?

Rapidly becoming famous on such a broad and influential social media app as
Tik Tok is no easy task- but possible! Here's how we can help you get fans and likes for Tik Tok!


Randomizer feature enables users to randomly select the number of likes/comments/shares to be delivered from a pre-defined segment.

Drip Feed

Grow your account organically with our Drip Feed Services, where the followers are not delivered automatically. Services will be delivered over a number of hours.

Split order

Spread services across multiple posts with our premium selector tool. It helps in authenticating your presence and minimizes the risk of an account getting banned.

User-friendly dashboard

Simplistic design, clean layout, and easier interface. It not only helps you save time and energy but also helps users to access, analyze, and manage in a better way.

Manage Delay Start

Adjust how fast you would like your likes received with our new delay feature! It helps to show an organic presence of your account online and avoid bot-like working.

Encrypted system

Our system is 100% safe, all your information is encrypted, and nobody will have access to it. We guarantee the safety of our users at all moments.

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