Explode Your Blog Traffic Using TikTok

How to Explode Your Blog Traffic Using TikTok?

Being no longer just a lip-synching video creation app for teen-agers, Tiktok has snuck into every mobile device of millennials and gen z. And it has been predicted that by the end of year 2022, it will become the third largest social media platform around the globe.

Saying that, as a marketer or a blogger, now is the best time to explore Tiktok capabilities to drive engagement and traffic on your blog site. Don’t you think so? If you haven’t thought about it yet, you are missing out on a great way to gain conversions for your business.

The only problem with this idea is it’s not easy to get people off the Tiktok app. And even to start, you need to have quite some views and likes in your videos. However, nowadays, you can easily buy Tiktok video auto views, but when we talk about shifting those views into conversions, that is where most people get confused.

Unlike Instagram here you don’t have a swipe up feature to add your link in videos. You can only put your website link in the bio. Still there are certain ways using which you might be able explode traffic on your blog site. Want to know for sure? Here you go:

How To Use Tiktok To Drive Traffic On Your Website?

Now, if you are ready to start leveraging your Tiktok videos, here we are showing you some tips that will really help you:

  1. You Need A Profile Makeover-

The start is simple- you need to make a profile that viewers would love to visit. But the question is, how?

To set up your TikTok profile, here are the things you need to do

  • Create a username (based on your business or website if available.)
  • Add a profile picture
  • Include a short bio
  • Link to your Insta, Youtube, and Website.

To create a bio, you need to check on several factors, like what type of audiences are watching your videos and how they bring value to your community. Suppose you are creating videos regarding fashion, then you can write about your experience and skills related to fashion in your bio.

Make sure to add your website link in the bio that redirects the Tiktok traffic to your website. If you do not find the option to add a link in your bio, here are the steps to follow:

Go to your profile and click on the three-dot menu.
  • Select Manage my account.
  • Click on Switch to a pro account.
  • There you will get a couple of questions about your business. After answering them, you will get an option to add a link to your bio.

Initially, even if you are not getting enough views on your videos, you have the option of buying Tiktok views. As you will start getting more engagement on your videos, you will be getting more visitors to your profile as well. Based on how well your profile looks, visitors may try checking your website and even convert it into sales.

  1. Make Use of Clear Call To Action

Even if you have lots of followers and views on your videos- without the right call to action, you won’t be able to drive Tiktok traffic to your website. While creating your profile, how can you be sure that viewers who are visiting your profile are also checking your website link?

Don’t you want viewers visiting your profile to check your website? If yes, you must deliver a strong call to action in your bio that could catch audiences’ attention. You can have just one link in your bio, so you need to make sure that every visitor should at least checkout the link before moving further.

  1. Reach Other Popular Creators In Your Niche

If you are confused about where to start, you should search for other Tiktok creators who are targeting the same niche as you. For that, you can use the search bar to find the Tiktokers who have used similar hashtags. It will show you the most popular trending videos of other creators. There you can look and get more ideas for content creation.

For example, suppose you are a blogger who creates content about Lifestyle and fitness. You can look for creators creating videos in your niche. It would help you learn different types of videos getting viral in your niche. Also, you will get to know about trending music clips that you may use in your own video creation.

  1. Use TikTok Paid Ads

Want to get more views for Tiktok videos? Then why not try Tiktok paid ads. With paid ads, you are definitely going to build traction on your videos. To complement that, you may also invest in auto views Tik Tok to get an initial kick for your videos.

Whenever you are investing in paid ads, you also need to be careful with your budget. So make sure you are not exceeding the expenditure on things that may not be fruitful for you. Tiktok paid ads are the same, and they can bring you great results. Still, we would suggest you to better rely on organic reach, and for that, you need to increase your Tiktok followers count.

  1. Create Viral Videos

Followers Tiktok

Of course, creating viral videos on Tiktok is not easy. But there might be one or two videos in which you have the most views. It might need just a push to make that video go viral on Tiktok.

In such a case, you may buy Tiktok video shares that would bring the initial spark for your videos to boost more views. Another thing I would suggest you to check on the comments of regular visitors of your videos and give them a response. By doing so, it will encourage your audiences to share your content more, and there will be a chance that it may go viral on Tiktok.

  1. Try Creative Stuff Other Than Your Niche

Sometimes viewers would like to have a change in their taste and watch different content than regular ones. In that case, also, you don’t want your traffic to move anywhere else. Isn’t it? While you might try creating other fun videos that might differ from your niche.

And it might also get you the attention of other viewers as well. You may not see immediate results. But as you will start trying more creative stuff in your videos, it will start getting more views and bring you more followers.

To get a start for trying something new, I would suggest you buy Tiktok auto views. It would encourage you to always try something new, while there might be a chance that your videos will catch the attention of more people and get viral on Tiktok.

  1. Showcase Your Website Content

There you create all funny and crazy video clips that get you more views and hearts on Tiktok. But it won’t help you get that traffic engagement on your website. Sometimes you need to put your head on straight with your Tiktok videos. That means if you want to drive Tiktok traffic to your website, just say it through your videos. The people who are sincerely following your content would definitely like such videos.

On the other hand, you also have the option to rely on paid Tiktok video auto views services to boost the views and engagement on such videos. Saying an important note- The key to attracting traffic to your site is you can entice them by offering something valuable and irresistible in return.

  1. Competition and Sweepstakes

Competition and Sweepstakes always do wonders for brands to create engagement on social media. In this way, you can encourage your audience to show their creativity and skills with user-generated content. While the remaining audiences will also get motivated to be a part of the movement.

It is definitely a great way to engage audiences and make them aware of your brand as well. Buying Tiktok views can help you push such competitions to a mass audience. That way, you would be getting better brand awareness.

  1. Drive TikTok Traffic To Your Website

Seeing the enormous growth, getting your business on the Tiktok platform is the right thing to do. As the competition is also growing, many business brands are trying their best to leverage Tiktok videos. With all the tips, you may try, but the results on Tiktok are not something that you easily achieve.

Along with being a great creator, you need to also consider several other factors about your niche and audiences. That is where you can rely on auto views Tiktok services that may help you to gain an initial ignition to start your Tiktok marketing.

Now, Are you ready to create viral Tiktok videos? If yes, then we might help you in achieving your goals. Check out our website to know more about us and our services. In case you have any further queries, we welcome you to mention those in the comments section.

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