The 7 Best Things About Tik Tok Auto Comment in 2023

TikTok is one of the most popular social media platforms with more than 1 billion active users famously known for creating and posting short videos. However, the more popular the platform is, the more difficult it is to get noticed here. With tons of content updated on the platform every minute, it requires a lot of effort to gain followers and get the desired exposure.

To boost your follower rate, it is important to be smarter with your content. Viewers of these quick videos leave some of the most thought-provoking comments. They are more successful at keeping viewers interested than the creators of the original video.

Perhaps they improve the application and encourage many users to return to the system. It takes effort and planning to create a TikTok page with a high level of engagement. Utilizing the comment box is one of the best methods to boost follower numbers and activity. TikTok comments can improve engagement rates, raise brand exposure, and create a network for the brand. However, you might not realize the potential of the comment section if you are new to TikTok.

TikTok is primarily a video-sharing app for amusement, and a big draw to the service is the comment. Nearly 77% of users claim to have read the TikTok video comments. A user experience on your page might be identified by amusing remarks that make them feel included. You may get more engagement and followers on your TikTok page by fostering a sense of community.

That is where TikTok auto comments enter the picture, playing a major role in driving engagement and visibility for your content. In this blog, you will know the 7 Best things about Tiktok comment section.

How Does The Comment Section Boost Your Engagement Rate;

If you spend enough time on TikTok, you may notice significant comment activity on your video. TikTok pushes your video to more audiences and “For You Pages.”

More than hundreds of comments notify that your video has viral potential. So the Tiktok algorithm will push the video out to more and more users.

How To Limit Comments On TikTok;

TikTok provides different moderation and filtering features if you wish to exert some control over a chaotic comment section.

  • Open your profile and tap the three-line icon.
  • Next, tap on the “settings and privacy” option and then the “privacy.”
  • Scroll down and tap “comments.”
  • Here you can restrict who can post a remark. You can select from Everyone (for public accounts), Followers (for private accounts), or Friends.

How To Pin Comments On TikTok Videos;

A comment can be kept at the top of the comment box by “pinned.” When people watch your video, they will read it first. You can only pin one at a time, so you had better make sure it is a goodie.

  • Tap the speech symbol you can get the video comments section.
  • Tap to “pin comment” after pressing and holding the comment you wish to pin.

How To Reply To A Comment On TikTok Faster;

A TikTok comment can be broadcast in a certain case or at the beginning of a conversation. You may reply to comments by using the Tiktok auto comment tool.

  • To view the comments, tap the speech symbol.
  • To respond, tap the comment you want to. You’ll see a text box appear where you may type the ideal response.
  • Click on “Send.” You will be notified that you’ve responded to the original commenter.

Another way to engage with a commenter is to tag them in a new comment by tapping the @sign and entering their username.

How To View Your TikTok Comments;

Well, they are just three sure ways to see comments on TikTok.

1 Wait For Like or Reply To Your Comment:

You can find that someone has liked or replied to your comment section to get found in the “all activity” area.

You can then go back to your earlier Tiktok video comment in this manner. However, that depends on “if someone reacts.”

Your comment may be connected to the most current activity in the section for all activities.

By tapping the inbox icon, you can observe all activity; occasionally, you might find a reply or like notification on your comment. To access the video you commented on, click the notice.

2 You Can Find Your Comments In The Liked Videos Section:

You should be able to discover them in the liked videos section if you commented on a video that you liked. You can also use the Tiktok auto comment tool to increase your user number:

  • Open TikTok and navigate to the “edit profile” section.
  • You’ll notice a heart-shaped icon to the left of the edit profile option. Your video history is by default private. But you can make it public if you like (it does display a privacy badge on the heart icon to indicate this).
  • TikTok will show your previously liked videos on the platform when you tap the heart icon.

However, you might need to navigate down the list, which might be a little longer if you often watch a large series of films, to find the video you commented on.

3 Check Your Recently Watched Videos:

You may view your watch history on Tiktok. However, since the videos are not in chronological order seeing them all could be difficult and painful.

To view your Tiktok history, you must:

  • Open the Tiktok app and select your profile first.
  • Next, tap the three-line menu that appears in the upper right corner.
  • Next, scroll down and select the privacy and settings option.
  • In the middle of the page, just below the “Content & Activity” area, touch on watch history.

You Can Also Use Two Ways To Track Your Comments On Tiktok;

This way, you can easily find your comment in the future.

  • Mark the comments you make on videos as favorites. By doing this the video is saved in your favorite section for easy access. I understand that adding a video to your favorite when we leave comments is uncommon, but getting used to it will prevent you from wasting time looking for the movie.
  • A shorter option is simply like the video if you do not want to make the videos your favorites. After that, as said in the previous step, you may find the video in the favorite video section.

How To Buy Free TikTok Comments?

TikTok is a simple and powerful social media tool for managing an account and creating numerous popular videos. 

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Final Thought;

With 1 billion active users on Tiktok, there are plenty of opportunities to increase your engagement rate and connect with your target audience.

Utilizing your comment box to the fullest extent is the secret to raising your follower count and degree of interaction. You can also use the IAMAT tool for TikTok auto comment to enhance your follower base.

We have provided everything you need to know about pinning a comment, commenting, managing your privacy, TikTok Comments Free, and many more.